Flemish polished oak and parcel gilt reproduction frame for a painting by Peter Paul Rubens

Commissioned by Paul Mitchell Ltd we produced this solid oak reproduction frame from an antique period Flemish design.  The profile was created by making cutters for our machinery to then run the lengths of mouldings.  Once assembled, the reproduction frame was ebonised using a mixture of media and pigments.  The hand-painted surface was then parcel gilt and aged to a period finish.  The picture was sold in July 2002 at Sotheby's for almost £50 million and now hangs on loan to London's National Gallery.  

Peter Paul Rubens, Flemish, 1577-1640
The Masscare of the Innocents, c.1610
Oil on panel
142 x 182cm (55 7/8 x 71 5/8 inches)
The Thomson Collection © Art Gallery of Ontario