Italian 16th century frame - reproduction

The images show a copy of an Italian 16th century frame that we were commissioned to produce by Paul Mitchell Ltd.  The original frame was used as our model for reference in both arabesque detailing and finish.  The reproduction frame needed to have cracks (craquelure) in the gesso and a couple of the images show this stage prior to the gilding and painting process.  The arabesques are all hand-drawn and gilded whilst further sections of the frame are water gilded and distressed.  The craquelure shows throughout the finished frame, and hopefully, convincing the viewer that this is an antique frame - the artwork being framed is an original Italian 16th century painting.  Bespoke or reproduction frames are produced on the basis that a chosen antique frame is highly unlikely to be the correct dimensions for a painting and altering frames such as this example with the arabesque detailing would not be possible.  The frame and painting are now hanging in the States.