Reproduction 17th century Italian cassetta frame for Johannes Van Bronchorst – Private Collection.

Commissioned by Paul Mitchell Ltd we produced a copy of a 17th century Italian cassetta frame.  We created the profile by replicating the original antique frame owned by Paul Mitchell Ltd.  The finishing needed to look as authentic as possible, but a little more refined than the antique.  The inner edge was water gilded, then a mixture of media and pigments was hand-painted to replicate the antique frame.  As you can see from the images the marbling and beautiful arabesque work to the corners and centres has been reproduced exactly as the original and give an overall harmonious look with the painting.   The latter image shows the antique frame to the front with the reproduction frame behind.

Johannes Van Bronchorst A Lady Playing a Guitar on a Balcony oil on canvas 49 7/8 x 41 1/2 inches.  Private Collection.